Year A Overview (2016-17; 2018-19)

Terms FSU Year 1/2 Year 3/4 Year 5/6
Autumn 1 Paint a Picture Art Theme Katie and The artists Famous Artists Design Printing
Autumn 2 Alien Invasion Space Space Exploration Forces The Solar System
Spring 1 Homes Homes Fairy Tale Homes Romans Anglo Saxons (Castles)
Spring 2 Back to the Future Dinosaurs The Future Ancient Egypt Deserts Aztecs Chocolate
Summer 1 Food for Thought Growing Food Fast Food Diet and Digestion India
Summer 2 Through the Decades Mini-beasts The 60's Rock 'n Roll 1970's Music and Fashion

Year B Overview (2017-18; 2019-20)

Terms FSU Year 1/2 Year 3/4 Year 5/6
Autumn 1 British Values Ourselves Habitats An Island Home The Tudors Shakespeare WW2
Autumn 2 Fire and Ice Celebrations Fire (Dragons; Great Fire of London) Arctic/Antarctic (Explorers) Volcanoes Light
Spring 1 Go Green Winter Recycle Rivers The Rain Forest
Spring 2 Let's Get Moving! Spring The Seaside (Victorians) The Stone Age The Vikings
Summer 1 Green fingers Mini Beasts Plants Flowers Life Cycles
Summer 2 Keeping Fit Summer The Body Exercise Muscles; circulation The Ancient Greeks
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