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Meet the Governors

Who are the School Governors?

Chair of Governors - Jo Stocks (Finance) and Emma Wykes (Performance Committee)     

Foundation Governors -Emma Wykes  and  Rev. Steve Hayes (GDPR)                                      

Local Authority Governor -  Ray Walters (Performance Committee)        

Parent Governors - Betsy Kendall (Communications), Richard James (Communications), Midge Miller (Parent)

Staff Governor -  Anna Murphy (Performance Committee) 

Co-opted Governors -   Jo Stocks, Anna Ellam (Finance) and Lee Taylor (Finance)

A little bit of information about the Governors:

Jo Stocks

Emma Wykes

I have been working in FMCG, creating and launching luxury alcohol brands, for the last 25 years.  Until recently I was Managing Director of one of the largest UK Drinks Brand Development Agencies, Marblehead, I now work with two start companies. My family and I moved to Charlton-on-Otmoor four years ago when our daughter, Isobel, was born and we are all active members of the local community.

 Richard James

I work as a Marketing Manager in the biotechnology industry and have a science and business background.  I grew up close to primary school education as my late mother was an incredibly passionate early years teacher for over thirty years and then latterly a school governor herself.   My daughter Jasmine is currently in year 2 and my son Miles is in the FSU, so with two small children at the school, I have a clear vested interest.  My objective in role as a Co-opted governor is to contribute to the maintenance and where possible improvement of the already excellent standards and values of this fantastic and vibrant school.

Lee Taylor

I am a qualified Teacher and taught for four years (2006-2010).  I then worked on Schools funding policy for the Government for three years.  I am experienced in setting strategic goals.  I am a Senior Economist leading on EU Exit negotiations, where I set the strategic direction for my team; and I will drive accountability.  As an economist I understand the value of rigorous analysis of pupil’s performance to drive quality and student outcomes.

Midge Millet

I've lived locally most of my life so have strong ties to, and long-standing support for, the school, the church and the community. I would like to use this and promote a strong coherence between all three.  I will support the school to make this a welcoming and unique learning experience for the children - both local families and the new members of the community

Anna Murphy

I am a Teaching Assistant in years 3 and 4 and have worked at Charlton-on-Otmoor Primary School since 2003. I have seen many children pass successfully through the school and have enjoyed being part of the team that promotes their development. My role at school has changed over the years as the school itself has developed and it now includes co-responsibility for the weekly gardening sessions. I have joined the board of Governors, and as a member of the Performance and Communication Committee I hope to be able to support the school as it continues to develop in the future.  

Ray Walters

Betsy Kendall

Rev. Steven Hayes

What do we do?

The governors’ main responsibilities are to establish the aims and policies of the school; advise on spending the school’s budget; to determine the school’s curriculum policy and make sure that the National Curriculum and that religious education are provided; select the Head Teacher; appoint, promote, support and discipline other staff; provide outside advice and act as a link between the local community and the school.

The governors hold regular formal meetings (usually twice a term). Minutes of meetings are kept and, in order to keep parents informed, a copy of the draft minutes is posted on the school notice board shortly after each meeting. To further inform parents, the Governing body publishes a newsletter each term. 

 Working parties meet as necessary and report to the full governing body for approval of their decisions or recommendations.

Governors are available at any reasonable time to meet with parents or to discuss any matters that need to be raised.  They can be contacted through the school office.

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